AEXON PTE, is a Financial Service Provider registered on Singapore.

AEXON PTE is listed on the MAS exemption list with the license of issuing e-money (in a max of total float held is 30M), Provide Merchant acquisition services, and providing account issuance services. But we apply for full SVF Major Company, full license unless Exchange cash transactions.

This decision was taken after the quiet successfully experience on Dubai Market, and following the relation with Forex. Trade Platform, Gaming Companies, and Corporate Clients who are demanding our services to have the best and faster services on their payments, taking profit of the existing Technologies.

But at the same time from our group, we decide to dedicated some part of our sources to the social area, helping the person around the world who doesn’t have access or qualify for the traditional Banks, as they have low resources. We think is our responsibility to help give the opportunity to open a Democratic Social Project, giving the same services to everybody, no matter what will be the Economic Class.

We have received interest from governments of some countries to make payments of the “Social Bonds” and other kinds of Social payment through our platform, getting a very high-quality services with low fees, and socially friendly Fintech. Already we are on the negotiation for some specific Countries, mostly South America and Africa, to implement this social project.

Our financial group has many services, but mainly we are on the family offices and the asset management business, actually we co-invest in some projects wit our clients from the last years follow the new Fintech and Services Payment wave, we created the company Jade Management in Dubai, with Services Payment Provider and Financial Brooker license, this company is working and giving Payment solutions to our customers.