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Offering different services to empower the community.

The AEXON single token and Smartcard solution can be used for entrepreneurship, business and community loyalty programme services, and a common, convenient wealth exchange mechanism that greatly reduces inconvenience and financial transaction costs. It will be accessible to the entire ASEAN community population as a start, and later globally, and utilised by people from the digital nomads to the unbanked.

What are we doing?

We plan to open 25 new co-working spaces in Asia attracting 25,000 new Token customers. Our existing business Systems platform (ActivBM is for entrepreneurs to outsource their back-office processes (accounting, pay roll, marketing etc.) to professionals on site. The smart card plays a central role !

The AXN single token and Smartcard solution can be used for entrepreneurship, business and community loyalty programme services, and a common, convenient wealth exchange mechanism that greatly reduces inconvenience and financial transaction costs. It will be accessible to the entire ASEAN community population as a start, and later globally, and utilised by people from the digital nomads to the unbanked. Below an overview of the different services we will offer to empower the community. The details can be found in our whitepaper.

Business Directory

Within the AEXON Community Gateway, each member holding sufficient AXN Tokens will be entitled to create their own personal and business profiles where they can promote their own services and products. They will be able to form special interest communities/groups, create and participate in forums, and post, access and search for the skills or connections that they need and earn AXP from certain activities and spend such AXP on desired products and services.

The Aexon Smart Card

The AEXON SmartCard is at once a multi-currency, general purpose re-loadable stored value asset, as well as a one-card store of all of the holder’s credit/debit cards, merchant cards, loyalty programme cards, etc. You will be able to load AXN Tokens, multiple Credit and Prepaid Cards, loyalty programme cards, transact in major cryptocurrencies and eventually all cryptocurrencies and then perform a range of P2P transaction types, including remittances.


We are opening 25 new co-working office spaces in the Asia region in gateway cities, which will bring in a target of 25,000 customers, by bringing in Our//Space, a reputable co-working office space service provider for start-ups and SMEs, to Asia. The first Our//Space office was opened in 2017 in Marbella (Spain) and new spaces are launching in Dubai (UAE), Leeds (UK), Manchester (UK) and Miami (USA) by end 2017/early 2018..


ActivBMoffers full-suite back-office business services that can simplify company operations by allowing business owners (especially co-working office clients) to focus on their products and services as well as their sales, while the ActivBM team handles the business owners’ accounts, finances, payroll, legal services and much more. This business offering has already achieved over S$1 Million in ARR (annual recurring revenues) over the first year of operations, has assisted multiple clients in achieving Singapore government grants for IT implementation.

Telco Issued prepaid programme

The telco issued prepaid programme, supported by a high-end submarine cable allows remittances across borders, and that connects and provides improved bandwidth to 400 million people in Asia, and is the perfect distribution channel for massive market adoption. Accessing a mass audience via already negotiated and imminently implemented offtake agreements with regional Telco’s

eWallet Mobile Application with Card Load Function

The eWallet mobile app will be developed to integrate with the AEXON SmartCard and the Cash Load Card, which will allow anyone who is ‘unbanked’ to digitalise their cash. The app will have Load Wallet capabilities, Payments Additional Functions such as QR codes, digital currency exchange.

Payment gateway

The AEXON Project introduces virtual and physical card facilities which will initially ride on transactions processing from leading global Third-Party Processors and regional prepaid programmed leaders in order to get to market quickly. Riding on the backbone of regulated financial industry leaders, we will seek to grow our merchant base and extend our loyalty programme beyond access to co-working spaces, back-office business services, the ability to buy airtime or to pay bills domestically or across borders, to a truly inclusive massive community marketplace.

Our Token Utility

The AEXON Utility Token will streamline payments within the region, as well as across businesses and geographical barriers, and will greatly enable the entire region to grow through the promotion of cross-border business and economic links.

The Token will be used in these ways:

As a means for small companies or independent investors to enjoy discounts on co-working space offerings and/or licence back-office business services. As an ewallet that allows interchangeable transfers between currency pairs, as well as some offered cryptocurrencies. As a store of value that can be loaded onto a physical Smart Card or used through a Virtual Card. As a means of transferring wealth P2P from one card to another, across borders.

A trusted Token

Using the ERC20 standard, tokenholders can enjoy all the benefits that come with it: You can trade freely in the secondary market, and store them in your trusted Ethereum wallet.


This AEXON Project with the AEXON Token is firmly anchored upon a blend of proven businesses with real revenue streams and profits and new technology launches which open up new markets.

Digital Bank

Offering token-holders to become a walking node, so they can offer exchange services, wipes away the need for banks. Additional AEXON Token rewards will be provided to those who serve as Nodes to exchange money for members of the Community, Business facilitators and sales people/teams.

Community based

Helping entrepreneurs, digital nomads and the unbanked connect to a powerful network.

Focus on the core

Using our full-suite Business Systems Platform (covering HR, Accounting, Payroll, Legal services, Tax functions and more), you can focus on letting your business thrive.


One secure smart card that combines exchange, stored value solutions and loyalty programmes.

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Real world token value

Our//Space Dubai: Our flagship office.

ActivBM: Our answer to limit back-office distractions.

Connecting the Asia-Pacific to the internet, accessing a 400 million customer base..

The Company

Gravitas Holdings (Pte) Limited was set up in Singapore and is the marketer, distributor, and auditor of this AEXON offering, amongst other future ICO/ITO offerings.

● The AEXON Project is set up as a special purpose vehicle (“SPV”) registered in Singapore, and has the necessary corporate agreements with Bluesky Group Pte Ltd (which has the co-working space agreements with Our//Space, and owns the ActivBM brand. and the telecommunications company tie-up’s and regional OTT tie-ups which are the strategic distribution channels for this offering

Meet Our Team

We have a dedicated compliance team who develop standards to on-board the underprivileged (bio metrics, KYC standards). En our team we have qualified accountans and a lawyer who is also a book author (how to ICO in Singapore?)


Malcolm Tan

C.E.O. and General Counsel


Ken Wang

Chief Operating Officer


Gabriel Loo

Chartered Accountant


Lin Zi'Ang

Chartered Accountant


dr. Andrew Santosa

Security Expert


Santosh Rout

Head of development


Jieren Chen

Senior Software Engineer


Fleur Arkesteijn

Software Engineer Intern


Saravanan Periyasamy

Software Engineer


Lanon Wee Hong Loong

Director of Brand Management


LiLun Lee

Director of Communications


Daniel Van Wijk



Eric Yeo

Operational Manager


Tim Sanders

Programme Manager


Melissa Yoon

Community Manager

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The AEXON team is a group of people dedicated to better the lives of the community. We want to connect everyone, and we use that word inclusively, to the world.

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